About Us

About Us

A Note From Our Founder

Welcome to Argentum Arcana Artisan Jewelry! Our jewelry designs are inspired by ancient cultures and ancient times when everything was made by hand and people learned a skill well, and then took the time and care to handcraft beautiful, unique works of art and other handmade items. I have a special affinity for the artisans of the Vikings, Celts, and Anglo-Saxons and pretty much anything medieval. The art and metalwork of those cultures simply blow me away. My goal is to combine those ancient techniques and aesthetics with a bit of modern alchemy to create jewelry that my customers will love as much as I do. I hope that you’ll find something here that you love as well.

Photo of Argentum Arcana Jewelry's founder Randy Mott working at his jeweler's bench

About the name:

Argentum is the Latin word for Silver and Arcana is Latin for Mysteries. In choosing a name we wanted something that embodied the romance and mystery of ancient times that have been lost to myth and legend. Yes, we know, in addition to silver we also sell jewelry in bronze and gold, but Argentum et Aes et Aurum Arcana is a bit of a mouthful.